Warehouse Design Checklist: What to Consider 

LeanCor_062015_0096.jpgInbound and outbound warehouses are the bridges that drive flow in the supply chain. But designing one is a complicated process with building, financial, and storage factors. Here are four lists of criteria to consider when undergoing a warehouse design:

GENERAL Design Criteria - Examples

  • Build to year and growth calculations
  • Number of future shifts
  • Hours per shift
  • Buy or lease MHE in the future
  • Returns processing requirements
  • Hazmat requirements
  • Stock rotation requirements (FIFO, LIFO, FEFO)
  • Seasonality expectations
  • ERP/WMS requirements
  • Specific requirements for customer

BUILDING Design Criteria - Examples

  • Dock door requirements
  • Yard space
  • Safety
  • Clear height
  • Column spacing
  • Total building size
  • Office area
  • Warehouse area
  • Sprinkler systems
  • Temperature expectations
  • Special room (painting room, battery room) requirements

FINANCIAL Design Criteria - Examples

  • Operating and capital costs
  • Wage for facility manager
  • Wage for shipping and receiving manager
  • Wage for order pickers
  • Wage for forklift operators
  • Wage for temporary labor (container labor and seasonal order pickers)
  • Annual increase in labor costs

STORAGE Design Critera - Examples

  • Average weight
  • Picking methods
  • Storage medium:
    • Floor storage (with stacking limitation by product type)
    • Selective rack – single deep
    • Selective rack – double deep
    • Drive-in rack
    • Push back rack
    • Flow rack
  • Wire Decking

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