Warehouse and Distribution Metrics: The KPIs That Drive Results

When operating an industrial facility - whether it's an inbound materials warehouse or a finished goods distribution center, the focus should be on driving business results. During warehouse consulting engagements, the LeanCor team assesses a client's operations relative to performance standards, or benchmarks.

The following key performance indicators (KPIs) are proven to evaluate the most important aspects of a warehousing operation in order to drive results in performance and cost.

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Tips to Improve Your Warehouse Picking Efficiency

Order picking is the process of pulling inventory in the warehouse to fill a customer order. "Given the centrality of the order fulfillment function, order picking and replenishment operations often represent more than 50% of total DC labor costs. As a result, if a shipper can speed-up its order picking operations it can increase volume and reduce distribution costs as a percent of sales" (Supply Chain Digest).

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Warehouse Design Checklist: What to Consider 

Inbound and outbound warehouses are the bridges that drive flow in the supply chain. But designing one is a complicated process with building, financial, and storage factors. Here are four lists of criteria to consider when undergoing a warehouse design:

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