Do Companies with a Higher Transportation Spend Always Get the Lower Transportation Rates?

The LeanCor Logistics team was recently asked the question, "do companies with a higher transportation spend always get the lower transportation rates?"

We often run into a general assumption in the industry that companies with high-volume transportation spends (exceeding $100M) will have an advantage when it comes to securing lane rates.

But in our experience -- while there is an overall correlation, the causation comes from three, non-spend related sources.

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2018 Year-End Transportation Market Update: What to Know as a Shipper

2018's freight market has faced a strong economy coupled with strong domestic truckload demand. With varied truck and driver supply, shippers have certainly had an interesting year.

Here's our take on some transportation market trends we're seeing from our Logistics Control Center -- and what to expect going forward.

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Truckload Freight Market Update - June 2018

Shippers have navigated the first half of 2018 in a market of tight freight capacity -- low truck supply and high demand due to factors like the driver shortage.

We checked in with LeanCor Transportation Manager Steven Prince to review current market conditions and hear the transportation team's take on what to expect going forward.

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LeanCor Featured in Furniture Today Magazine

LeanCor's Director of Account Management for LeanCor Logistics, Ashley Yentz, was featured in Furniture Today Magazine for its Feb 20 logistics article entitled “Managing pinch points: Industry watches for bottlenecks in furniture’s long supply chain.”

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