LeanCor CEO to Present Executive Track Session at 2018 Shingo Conference

Join this special landmark celebration of 30 years of Shingo Conferences on operational excellence. 

LeanCor CEO Robert Martichenko will present an Executive Track session called "Discovering Hidden Profit - Lessons in Leadership" on April 11 (day one of the conference). 

The senior leadership-geared Executive Track will discuss organizational change experiences with experts.

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LeanCor to Facilitate Supply Chain Training Workshop at LEI's 2018 Lean Transformation Summit

What does it mean to be a better employer? Are you doing everything you can to develop your team? (How do you know?) Do you need new tactics?

Regardless of your position within your organization, everyone holds the responsibility to build a better company. This is what the Lean Enterprise Institute (LEI) will be exploring, sharing, and learning when the lean community gathers in Nashville for the Lean Transformation Summit, March 26 and 27.

Consulting Director Derek Browning will facilitate a workshop on "Building the Lean Fulfillment Stream" on Wednesday, March 28 from 8:00AM to 4:00PM. 

Register now and secure your seat!

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How Can a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Improve Your Supply Chain and Bottom Line?

While six sigma is highly process-focused, supply chain, as a discipline, is focused on the entire value stream - from process to process. This can present challenges in applying six sigma in a supply chain environment. Combining six sigma with lean principles (such as visibility, velocity, and flow) can fill the gap by incorporating a systems-thinking perspective that focuses on the entire value stream vs. single processes.

A lean six sigma green belt program focused on supply chain teaches professionals how to apply both lean and six sigma to the supply chain in order to increase customer value and ultimately, generate measured business results. 

Here are four ways a lean six sigma green belt can improve your supply chain - and overall bottom line.

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