SMART Supply Chain Revitalizing the Post-Pandemic Economy

Guest post by Glenn Marshall, Association for Manufacturing Excellence (AME)

While the United States remains a global leader in drug discovery, much of the manufacturing has moved offshore. China is known as the world’s factory for car parts, toys and electronics, but it also churns out much of the penicillin, antibiotics and pain medicines used across the globe, as well as surgical masks and medical devices.

Supporters of reducing reliance on China have used the coronavirus epidemic to highlight what they say is a longstanding vulnerability that could leave Americans dangerously short of medicines and medical supplies in the event of a war, trade conflict, or pandemic. Many believe we need to bring those manufacturing jobs back home so that we can protect the public health and the economic and national security of the country.

Now with the pandemic crisis, there is a wake-up call for the US to launch the re-purposing of its industrial base and skilled workforce to revitalize the economy and to return to the same manufacturing dominance we had achieved at the end of World War II. America needs a Marshall Plan-style initiative to resuscitate and restore the economy and society much like it did following WW II to help Europe revive their economy.

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