Training Budget with a Travel Ban: Now What?

As we continue to navigate the pandemic, many businesses are turning to online and virtual training solutions for professional learning and development. 

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The Lean Training You May Have Overlooked

It should come as no surprise that incorporating training courses when deploying lean across an organization is an effective way to sustain a lean culture. But the traditional in-class training format often poses several challenges: removing team members from daily work tasks, logistics, procuring a facilitator, budget approvals, and more. Another challenge is the sheer amount of knowledge participants are expected to retain in one sitting.  And if the training isn’t followed by application work and accountability, the result for the organization is minimal-to-no return on investment. So what options are available to counteract these challenges?

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Issuing an freight carrier bid? Trying to resolve issues with suppliers? Need to improve your receiving dock schedule? We’ve rounded up some of our most-used project templates for daily continuous improvement in transportation management. Free for download!

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