How Does a Company 'Do' Employee Engagement?

Have you ever heard a word and realized that you didn’t really know what it meant? As in, you heard it over and over but couldn’t nail down its use to a specific, enduring definition? One of these words for me early on in my corporate services role was employee engagement.  I understood what the word “employee” meant.  I understood what “engagement” meant. But when I put them together, I didn’t feel that I grasped the meaning as well as I should.

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The LeanCor Way Series - Productive PDCA on Performance

Where do you see yourself in two years, and do you see a path to get there? 

This was one of the open-ended questions in a December 2015 team member survey. One response that came back stood out to us:

“Do not know. The path is very cloudy. Pulled in many directions…”

We deemed this response as indicative of missing a strong, developmental approach for performance management. There was no structured format for guiding team members along their career at our company.

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The LeanCor Way Series - Onboarding: First Impressions Are Everything

“Its employees were leaving in droves, as many as 50 to 70 percent each year.” In his book, The Culture Code, Daniel Coyle tells the story of a call center that was facing major issues with employee retention.

To deal with this phenomenon, the call center ran some experiments to improve retention that included injecting a new, personalized approach into its day-one training. What they found through this experiment was that an individualized onboarding program drastically improved retention by fostering a heightened sense of safety and belonging for new employees.

First impressions are everything.

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The LeanCor Way Series: Recruiting The Right People

Throughout the years at LeanCor there has always been an emphasis on learning.

Traditionally, this has taken many different forms, from hosting an internal training program called “the LeanCor Academy” to having informal read-and-respond invitations from leaders, asking team members to check out an interesting book. 

It was this latter activity that inspired the more formal “LeanCor Book Club” that we now host with team members throughout the year. One of the early books that a small group of us read was Jim Collins’ Good to Great. In this book about company growth trends and best practices, Collins asserts that a core concept in spring-boarding your organization forward is to have a “first who - then what” mentality. It challenges organizations to prioritize finding great team members above all else.

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The LeanCor Way Series: Lessons Learned From Building our Culture

Where does an organizational culture come from? 

Is the tone set from a singular mantra or is it built like a house, brick by consistent brick?  As we wrapped up a marathon of new team member on-boarding activities (growing our logistics specialist workforce by over 40% since January), we realized that our culture will continue to evolve and grow with each new team member’s influence.  How can we create an environment that is bigger than ourselves but also dependent on each individual to make the sum something worth protecting?

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