Beyond the Dock: How FLEXcon is Pursuing Logistics as a Competitive Advantage

Headquartered in Spencer, Mass., FLEXcon is a global leader in coated and laminated films and adhesives used in graphics applications, manufactured goods and new products. Customer and relationship-driven from the core of its business, FLEXcon has always valued product innovation and continuous improvement in order to provide customers with a competitive advantage.

When its leadership team recognized an opportunity to better serve customers from a delivery and efficiency standpoint, they knew they needed a logistics service provider that went beyond just moving products once they got to the dock.

They needed a strategic partner that would improve how products actually arrived at the dock and were loaded onto a truck.

FLEXcon partnered with LeanCor Supply Chain Group in order to think through its entire supply chain, ensuring its upstream processes that lead into the shipping department could support delivering better customer service. 

LeanCor's VP of Supply Chain Solutions, Derek Browning, sat down with FLEXcon's Chief Financial Officer, Aimee Peacock, to explore FLEXcon's journey to building a best-in-class logistics system to deliver higher value to its customers.

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FLEXcon Chooses LeanCor Supply Chain Group as its Provider of Logistics Engineering, Transportation Management Solutions

FLORENCE, KY--(January 16, 2020)—LeanCor Supply Chain Group, a trusted partner in end-to-end supply chain management and logistics, today announced that FLEXcon, a global leader in coated and laminated films and adhesives, has selected the company as its third-party logistics provider to manage logistics engineering and transportation execution in order to advance performance and deliver improved customer experience.

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Lean Inbound Logistics: The Key to an Advanced Supply Chain

In this comprehensive white paper, LeanCor CEO Robert Martichenko shares 10 proven insights from his early days supporting Toyota that have paved the way for today’s advanced supply chains.

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Shipper-3PL Relationships: What We Found in the 2015 State of Logistics Outsourcing Report

In a recent third party logistics study entitled, "The State of Logistics Outsourcing," a section of the report discussed "Aligning 3PL Relationships." In discussing their logistics outsourcing, shippers that participated in the study indicated whether they identified their organization "a strategic or tactical buyer of 3PL services, or some combination of the two."

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2 Signs Your TMS is Holding Your Supply Chain Back

In logistics, your Transportation Management System (TMS) can be your supply chain's best friend, or it can be its biggest hindrance. Some are cutting-edge and can do anything you need, but some seem as old as computers themselves, lacking anything remotely intuitive. Overall, you want a TMS that benefits your one-of-a-kind company - and that may mean switching if you're experiencing these two major issues:

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