15 Dos and Don'ts of Worksite Observation for Supply Chain Leaders

Worksite observation, or "going to the gemba" in lean terms, is a supply chain leader's powerful tool for continuous improvement. If supply chain leaders don’t "go see" and gather facts, they may have a misinterpretation of what is really happening in the workplace. This can lead to subjective decision making and ineffective improvement efforts. 

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The Lean Leadership Training Series: A Complete Guide to Principles

Whether they're consuming a product or service, customers experience the aggregate of all the processes with which a company operates. Ideally, these process should all be aimed at maximizing customer value at the lowest possible total cost. But many companies are challenged with lack of alignment throughout their organization. And when they fail to work as a value stream and operate with "silo thinking" -- it can have detrimental effects on their customers.

To truly drive value stream thinking, organizational leaders must constantly align the organization toward a purpose, while supporting all team members in increasing value and eliminating waste. This is the essence of lean leadership and a lean culture.

Lean teaches us that successful organizations are principle-based, instead of tool-based. Tools allow us to create formality and structure around our daily processes and problem solving, but it’s thinking and behaviors that take us to the next level.

The following blog series is a comprehensive guide for leaders to start thinking and operating by prinicples. Covering everything from communication and engagement to functional knowledge, this series is designed as a practical, lean leadership training tool for professionals to:

  • Read each lesson
  • Practice the principle (with recommendations highlighted in each lesson)
  • Reflect on improving personal management style and the overall organization

Let's get started!

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