3 Ways Lean Visual Management Can Make a Big Difference in Your Workplace

A major element of achieving end-to-end supply chain visibility is creating visual management in all workplaces.  Time and time again, we've seen that the better the visual management in a workplace, the better people are at solving problems. At the heart of visual management is the essence of connecting people to process and bridging process to process.

Here are three ways lean visual management can make a big difference in your workplace.

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Why Your Supply Chain Needs Standard Work

Dr. Atul Gawande’s excellent book, The Checklist Manifesto, includes the story of the infamous first public flight of Boeing’s newest plane, Model 299. I say “infamous” because this first flight, the one that was supposed to show off the plane’s significant size and technological advancements to buyers from the US Army, ended in a crash, caused by pilot error. I’ll let Dr. Gawande explain:

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15 Things You Can Learn to Solve Problems at Work

Problems are inherently a part of every business.  
How you solve them can make or break you as an employee or as a leader.  
Here are 15 proven things you can learn, which will solve problems, make sustainable change and eliminate wasted time and money at work.  
With lean fundamentals applied everyday, problems become less of a pain and more of an opportunity for improvement!
  1. Gain a deep understanding of lean thinking
  2. Learn the difference between traditional leadership vs. lean leadership
  3. Lead with purpose and principles
  4. Find you Vision - Focus, Alignment and Constancy of Purpose
  5. Leader as the Student and Teacher
  6. Learn the difference between Advocacy vs. Inquiry
  7. Find how respect for people makes all the difference
  8. Learn process and value-stream thinking and how to apply it
  9. Create management systems that support new thinking and problem solving
  10. Use effective measurement systems 
  11. Build 'reflection' into the improvement process
  12. Improve time management and standardization of work 
  13. Apply visual management - keep your people and work flow on track
  14. Build and manage teams that solve problems together
  15. Convince people on lean thinking and deal with resistance

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10 Quick Tips About Lean Fundamentals

Do you need to answer the question, "what is lean?" Were you searching for a short, succinct way to understand the lean basics? – Look no further - you found it!  We’ve done the homework and have compiled the following 10 Quick Tips about Lean Fundamentals:

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