C-Suite Spotlight Series: What is Zero Based Budgeting and What Does It Mean For Your Supply Chain?

"In manufacturing, zero-based budgeting doesn't just look at materials, but it challenges all the services and functions that are performed by the company."

As the chief financial officer of Harris & Ford LLC, a major chemical distributor, Charles works to improve the firm’s global distribution and logistics services to leading Fortune 500 companies in the food, pharmaceutical and industrial sectors.

One business trend Charles often now sees is zero-based budgeting -- a method of budgeting in which all expenses must be justified for each new period. We interviewed Charles about zero-based budgeting and how it's affecting supply chain.

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C-Suite Spotlight Series: How to Get Better Results From Your Suppliers

"I have the pulse of my floor, do we have the pulse of our suppliers' floors? Are they moving the needle forward?"

As CFO for Bonfiglioli USA, a leader in global power transmission and control in Hebron, KY, Scott Guy is passionate about continuous improvement. Consistently recognized for analyzing complex business problems, Scott's everyday role requires making tough decisions while considering their long-term effects to the bottom line. 

One way Scott contributes to Bonfiglioli's growth and profitability is through its supplier base. We interviewed Scott on how he's formed partnerships with suppliers who share Bonfiglioli's core values, and ensures their development towards mutual success. 

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Raising the Lean Bar in Construction

"Overall, the construction industry collectively struggles with managing the supply chain. We experience a lack of consistency in each client project, each introducing many new hurdles to overcome. Like other construction companies, we’re constantly procuring, developing, and establishing new relationships with new suppliers, subcontractors, vendors, and architects to develop and streamline the building experience."

As Senior Project Manager for DPR Construction, a leading general contractor with offices all over the U.S., Peter Berg says maintaining stability is a continuous challenge in the industry. We interviewed Peter to hear his perspective on advancing supply chains in the construction industry, and how his company is gaining a competitive advantage.

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Building the Layers of Lean Construction

Kirk Paluska, General Manager and Owner of DUCTCO LLC, is a lean guy at heart. As lean consultant in his former life, Kirk has experienced lean thinking transform organizations from waste-ridden and varied to efficient and stable. 

Now, he's hung up his consulting shoes for some steel-toes and bought a middle contracting company servicing sub contractors in the commercial construction industry.

Using his lean background, Kirk is transforming his commercial contracting company in the midst of an industry where lean thinking can be rare. With complex supply chains and custom, varied projects, there's little room for standardization, PDCA or measurement.

We interviewed Kirk on what he's seeing in the construction industry and where lean thinking can help it improve.

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How Do You Change Behavior in Organizations?

Our weekly Executive Spotlight Blog Series will showcase business leaders' perspectives on real issues facing our industry, and the lean best practices that help improve supply chains and grow organizations.

We interviewed Jim Mikulski, Global Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, to understand how lean thinking is driving innovation at Greene, Tweed and enabling the forward-thinking company to change the game in its industry.

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Supply Chain: "The Switzerland of Today's Business" - Our Interview with Rick Blasgen, President and CEO of CSCMP

Our weekly Executive Spotlight Blog Series will showcase business leaders' perspectives on real issues facing our industry, and the lean best practices that help improve supply chains and grow organizations.

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