Up-Skilling a Motivated Workforce

LeanCor's corporate headquarters and Logistics Control Center is located in the state of Kentucky. Horses are deeply associated with the "Bluegrass State," as they are raised, trained and raced throughout the land. There are lots of well-known idioms and metaphors that come from working with horses. One such phrase is "chomping at the bit (also known as “champing at the bit”).  This is usually used to describe a situation in which a subject - whether horse or human - is so eager to begin something that their energy can become impatient or anxious during the wait.

What we have found at LeanCor is that team members, more than ever, are quickly chomping at the bit to learn new skills, grow professionally and advance their careers.  

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How Does a Company 'Do' Employee Engagement?

Have you ever heard a word and realized that you didn’t really know what it meant? As in, you heard it over and over but couldn’t nail down its use to a specific, enduring definition? One of these words for me early on in my corporate services role was employee engagement.  I understood what the word “employee” meant.  I understood what “engagement” meant. But when I put them together, I didn’t feel that I grasped the meaning as well as I should.

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