Supply Chain Growth: A Leadership Mindset on the Offense

“I love to work in growing companies,” a VP of Supply Chain told me as we were making introductions and explaining our work histories.

We had just settled on a deal to perform a network and facility design that would enable his company to add another 10 years to the growth path they were on.

Contrary to those who love working in growing companies as a defense mechanism for job security, this VP had the skill set needed to enable growth without the risk of stifling it. The last management team in the company had spent most of their careers on the defense, constraining growth and working very hard to meet the bare minimum expectations of their customers, while blaming poor performance on factors outside of their control.

This VP had a vision to put less effort and cost into the overall enterprise, but direct it in such a way to rapidly expand the capabilities of the organization and go on the offense. 

Who is this person?

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New White Paper: Someone Keeps Changing the Channel: Exploring Omni-Channel Distribution Strategies

Weekly, monthly, and quarterly business reviews have consumer product companies asking themselves, “What should we do?” In today’s economy, they are caught in the middle of a price and service war amidst e-commerce giant Amazon and other major big-box retailers. 

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