Strategic vs Tactical Transportation Management System (TMS): Which is Right For Your Business?

In logistics, managing transportation is a series of day-to-day, tactical activities performed to move goods and information. But when put together strategically, these activities can have a significant impact to business cost and performance.

At LeanCor, we took this core principle into consideration when deciding whether to "make or buy" our transportation management system at the company's inception. Since then, our relentless commitment to continuously improve our proprietary software has been validated by "out-of-the-box" thinking and several lessons learned along the way.

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Monitoring COVID-19’s Supply Chain Disruptions

Global supply chains everywhere are being disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The good news is that with effective logistics control towers and management systems we can assure that critical supplies, food and materials will get to the people and communities that need them most. 

As our operations team meets hourly, daily and weekly, we're continuing to put pressure on different aspects of customer supply chains in order to improve performance and cost -- even amidst a pandemic.

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Issuing an freight carrier bid? Trying to resolve issues with suppliers? Need to improve your receiving dock schedule? We’ve rounded up some of our most-used project templates for daily continuous improvement in transportation management. Free for download!

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