The Secret Weapon of Any Corporate Training Program

Corporate training comes in many formats: in class, online, self-study, or blended programs are just some of the options that exist for busy professionals and organizations. But one often overlooked aspect of training is what we consider to be the "secret weapon" of all programs: coaching.

Whether it's one-on-one or in a group setting - on the phone or in person - LeanCor builds coaching sessions into many of our training offerings. Why? Because we see the powerful effects it can have on information retention, capability application, and realized goals. These things are essential for organizational development and an ultimate transformation. 

Coaching allows the trainer to clarify concepts and tools, listen to progress updates, and resolve interpersonal and organizational issues. It connects content with experiences and work so that students are successful in applying and sustaining what they've learned.

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A popular industry acronym - "GROW" - describes the framework for effective coaching:

Goal: What does the student want to do?
Reality: Where is the student now?
Options: What could the student do?
Will: What will the student do?

LeanCor's proven best practices for coaching include:

Inspire People to Learn: Our approach to coaching is to influence the student to learn and improve the skills that are important to them. The best results often come from what the student wants to learn, not what they have to learn.

Set Focused Improvement Targets: Rather than trying to improve everything at once, we help the student develop simple and clear action plans to align with desired goals. 

Focus on Success: We coach with positive feedback focused on starting desirable practices rather than stopping undesirable ones. The desirable practices eventually eliminate the undesirable practices by focusing on success.

Meet Some of LeanCor's Coaches

We reached out to three of LeanCor's Training and Education coaches to learn a bit more about them and why they think coaching is so powerful:

  • COACH: Ana BaileyAna
  • ROLE: Director of LeanCor Training and Education
  • CAREER HIGHLIGHTS: Ana has extensive project experience in lean, Six Sigma, operational excellence, supply chain management, facility startups and transformations, inventory planning and material flow, measurement systems, and principle-based organizational transformations. At LeanCor, Ana has trained thousands of professionals in corporate settings, as well as at the University of Kentucky, Saint Louis University, Georgia Tech University, and Monterrey Tec.

    "My favorite part of coaching is developing relationships with people who are eager to learn. When we can connect the learning to their work and in turn, make improvements to their business, their customers, and themselves, that is what I call a “home run”…and it’s also a lot of fun. Also, there is nothing better than seeing a person whom you have coached take what they've learned to coach others."

  • COACH: Mark WheelerMark Wheeler
  • ROLE: Lean Deployment Executive and Corporate Safety Manager
  • CAREER HIGHLIGHTS: At LeanCor, Mark has successfully transitioned the safety focus from reactive to proactive by introducing and implementing behavior-based safety as the key driver for safety incident prevention. This has included training over 80 LeanCor cross-functional leaders on behavior based safety and implementing leader standard work to include effective safety leadership. 
  • WHY COACHING IS SO POWERFUL: "Learning and improving is best sustained in small and focused steps as a journey. I recently had the privilege to coach a group of 12 leaders over an eight-week period. Each week we held group discussions to review the lesson content and how the students could apply the learning to their daily work. Each member of the group shared how they would apply “leader standard work." The group had an engaging discussion that resulted in clear plans by each student to implement. As the coach, I was highly inspired to see the group learn from one another!"

  • COACH: Clint McCrystalClint McCrystal
  • ROLE: Training and Development Manager
  • CAREER HIGHLIGHTS: Clint manages LeanCor's TMATE Initiative, which focuses on team member onboarding and continued development, employee engagement, and internal communications. Through this, Clint is responsible for the coaching, mentoring, and development plans of LeanCor’s  75 Transportation Engineers and Associates. Clint also leads LeanCor’s Lean Six Sigma Green Belt program for University of Kentucky's MBA students, and Georgia Tech’s Supply Chain Project Management courses.

    “I believe that 99% of people want to learn, improve and grow.  Coaching is a way to make that happen in a personal and attentive setting.  With large group education, and even some structured training, it’s hard to get the two-way communication that allows for large leaps and bounds in learning for team members.  Coaching them within the context of their work and their situation better allows them to have those breakthrough moments that all trainers and coaches live for.  There is nothing like seeing the ah-ha moment happen in real time when a student discovers a way to articulate a problem that they never could before or develops an improvement idea that was buried deep down for the longest time.”

For two upcoming training opportunities that dive deeper into coaching, check out:

CQPO Coaching Lean Leadership for Culture Transformation (1)Coaching Lean Leadership for Culture Transformation | 2-Day GEMBA-Based Team Workshop | October 22-23, 2018

In this program, join LeanCor and the Center for Quality People and Organizations (CQPO) as we dive into how to coach a lean transformation. Early Bird Rate: Register before Aug 1 and receive $200 off the course price!


LSSGB October 2018

Lean Six Sigma Online Green Belt - Blended Program | October 8 - January 7, 2019

The accredited, 12-week certification course teaches how to generate business results by applying lean Six Sigma to the supply chain. Ideal for professionals with busy schedules, it includes self-paced online coursework, weekly virtual coaching sessions, and a workplace improvement project. Early Bird Rate: Register before Sep 1 and receive $200 off the course price!


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