The Lean Leadership Training Series: The Way to Build Trust and Performance with Your Team


LeanCor Leadership Principle: 

Team Member Orientation – Support improved team member performance, professional development and job satisfaction through coaching and highly participative leadership.  Give Team Members clear performance feedback and provide timely and relevant training with actions to improve.

A lean culture is a learning culture, and as leaders it is our responsibility to support our team members in taking advantage of those learning opportunities.  To do this, one department at LeanCor has developed a management system to ensure we are coaching and developing our team members.   Hopefully this practical example gives you an idea or two on how to be a Team Member Oriented leader!

But first…..

What is a Management System?

Management systems are a requirement for stable processes.  They are the “controls” that help us stabilize a process or keep it from breaking.  Think of a management system as something that continues to “squeeze” the variability out of a process, leading to a more stable output.

A good example of a management system is a meeting agenda.  A meeting agenda insures that we have the right purpose and outcomes for our time and that we start and end our meetings on time.  Without them we could easily have scheduled too much time, not enough time, or not get to the desired outcome, which is waste.  The agenda is a control on our meeting process and ensures we get the right outcome every time.

Team member development and feedback is a process that needs to be stable.  We don’t want our team members to get frustrated or perhaps work in a direction that is counter to our purpose.  To try to ensure stability, alignment to direction, and continuous improvement of some of our team members we’ve implemented what we are calling a Leader Scorecard.

The Leader Scorecard

The purpose of the leader scorecard is to have a disciplined management system around team member feedback and development.  It gives a visual of where we have gaps in our team member capabilities, accountabilities, values and principles.  This process puts a “control” on real time feedback and ensures we are talking to our team members on a regular basis about their work and being straightforward about gaps.

Step 1: Define the requirements for the team member and measure plan vs. actual.


Step 2: Define the gaps and document a plan to close the gaps.


The key is to break the gaps into smaller actions and expectations so the team member can make progress.  It’s best to only give them “enough” to work on in that month.  Smaller improvements will lead us to big improvements!

Step 3: Implement and sustain the improvements.

Create standard work to coach, teach, and follow up on the improvement plan you’ve identified in Step 2.  Schedule a reoccurring PDCA with your team member to work through that improvement plan.  Are we making progress? If you see a team member struggling, schedule time for more one-on-one coaching and really start to drill into the root cause.  The idea is our reds should alert us (as leaders) to where our team members need help and it’s our job to take the time to turn those reds into greens!

The leader scorecard is just one example.  We have opportunities while leading customer projects, training events, and regular interactions to give clear performance feedback to our team members.  Where are there opportunities for you to give team members real time performance feedback and help them with their development?  Where do you see an opportunity to implement a management system that ensures real time feedback?

What To Do Today:
  • Reflect on a time that you haven’t given real time performance feedback, what was the unintended consequence?
  • 5 Minute Action: Take 5 minutes to give a team member clear performance feedback and help them be successful.

Next week we’ll talk about empowering team members…like a boss!

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Lean Leadership with Coaching

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