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"Trying to keep up with customer expectations is driving retailer investment, while agility and innovation are driving manufacturers' investment in their supply chains, according to a joint 2018 survey of supply chain executives." -Inbound Logistics

Today’s changing world of business complexity and disruption requires new vision, strategy, and innovation to grow and operate profitably. Leading organizations are realizing the wealth of untapped opportunity in their supply chains and are investing in internal and external support to elevate supply chain performance. 

Partnering with a supply chain consulting firm can quickly yield reduced lead times, higher customer fill rates, and improved in-stock percentages - all make-or-break competitive drivers in today's fierce market. 

We analyzed our top five, highest-selling supply chain consulting projects that leading companies are including in their strategic plans:

Logistics Network Assessments

A logistics network assessment can help minimize total logistics costs (transportation, facilities, inventory) while maximizing service-level requirements. This includes locating and rationalizing facilities within supply chain, and determining their size and capacity. It also includes determining the right inventory levels to meet customer demand, how to source demand through the network, and an effective transportation strategy.

Warehouse Designs

A warehouse design (or re-design) can transform a traditional facility from a fire-fighting frenzy into a strategic and value-driving component of your supply chain. Increasing flow in a warehouse with mature processes drives improvements in speed, cost, quality, and service. Warehouse design projects focus on: design and layout, people and training, process design and implementation, technology, material handling and equipment, inventory management, continuous improvement systems, and more.

End-to-End Assessments

By analyzing end-to-end supply chain functions and measuring them against best practice benchmarks, companies can uncover actionable opportunities to create speed and flow, and reduce operating costs and inventory. The end-to-end supply chain assessment starts with simply mapping a stable SKU from the customer to the supply base in order to establish a baseline and understand current performance. End-to-end assessments allow companies to better serve their customers on time and in-full, ultimately generating higher revenue and profit margins.

Plan For Every Part (PFEP) Deployment

A Plan For Every Part (PFEP) is a material flow plan that includes specific data on every part number coming from suppliers and every finished-good SKU going to customers. It contains all the information necessary to make informed decisions about transportation, packaging, inventory, placement, ordering quantities, and handling. It is essentially the DNA of all material that moves through a manufacturing plant, and it stimulates an environment where all team members perform at a higher level. By leveraging an effective PFEP, a company can optimize line-side consumption of material, inventory, and material delivery systems.

A Simple Starting Point

Starting with something as easy as a diagnostic in any of these areas can help your company see a whole process or system in its current state, envision the future state, and create an actionable road map towards the best business results. 


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LeanCor Consulting is a division of LeanCor Supply Chain Group. Today’s complex supply chains require vision, strategies, and innovative techniques to create competitive performance. LeanCor Consulting is a trusted partner for advancing end to end supply chain performance through diagnostics, assessments, and full implementation. Global organizations leverage LeanCor Consulting to develop vision and strategy deployment plans for improvement in all supply chain functions. We focus on elements of speed, cost, quality, and delivery, and are able to develop innovative solutions from operational experience as a third party logistics partner.

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