Remote Work: Coaching and Leading Amidst “Social Distancing”

Workplaces are embracing remote work options today more than ever.

This can put limitations on the effectiveness of leader-team member interactions. And as the social distance between leaders and their teams increases for many companies over the upcoming weeks, it's a critical time for leaders to master the techniques of remote coaching.                                                                                                                                                                                                        


At LeanCor, our team is a mix of centrally-based team members who work from our corporate headquarters and remote team members who service customers at their locations. We asked our Vice President of Supply Chain Solutions -  Ashley Yentz  - who manages some of these remote team members - to share some of her tips and best practices for remote coaching:

Use all forms of communication at your disposal. Communicate often and transparently; some of my most effective coaching comes from answering a text or instant message on the fly when my team members need immediate help.

Set standard check-in times (that you protect). This will help ensure you never forget to catch up and talk about priorities together with your team members. My team and I have dedicated weekly check-ins in addition to the impromptu communication.

Observe the work when you can. For me, observing my leaders in action on phone calls or with internal meetings can give me the opportunity to give real-time feedback even though I’m not sitting next to them.

When you feel like a team member is disengaged, leading with fear, or perhaps needs your help, a phone call is the most effective way to communicate. Video chat works well too if they are comfortable with that medium (and not in their pajamas 😊).

When you do connect with your team members, it doesn’t have to be 100% business talk. Catch up on life, family and other things…sometimes we lack that human connection during the workday when we are so isolated from each other.

Hopefully these tips assist you in your transition to coaching and leading during this season of social distancing.

And if you need help, we have a virtual course for that.

Most importantly, stay safe!

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