Monitoring COVID-19’s Supply Chain Disruptions


Global supply chains everywhere are being disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The good news is that with effective logistics control towers and management systems we can assure that critical supplies, food and materials will get to the people and communities that need them most. 

As our operations team meets hourly, daily and weekly, we're continuing to put pressure on different aspects of customer supply chains in order to improve performance and cost -- even amidst a pandemic.

1. Monitoring hourly: maintaining a real-time understanding of how COVID-19 is impacting your supply chain through:

  • Capacity and coverage interruptions
  • Carrier rates: real-time rate bench marking
  • Border and port disruptions
  • “High risk” market fluctuations
  • Executive orders to understand closures or disruptions

2. Controlling costs with network productivity interventions:

  • Redesigning networks based on demand or supply impacts
  • Establishing static routes to lock in long term rates
  • Updating or stopping PO’s based on ramp up and ramp down schedules
  • Leveraging dynamic routing during highly variable volumes

3. Limiting service interruptions in real time:

  • Managing priority shipments around equipment or capacity limitations
  • Reviewing all booked/in transit orders for disruptions
  • Communicating with all partner carriers to understand options for active loads
  • Minimizing double revenue bills and storage fees by working with carriers
  • Monitoring new shipment requests and advise network of updates

It is our goal to help our customers navigate this storm of supply chain uncertainty with practical, meaningful, and sustainable strategies.  How can we help you monitor your critical shipments during this time?



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