The Opportunity for Small to Medium-Sized Shippers

We had a great webinar last week where we presented the results of our recent Transportation Management Maturity Benchmark Assessment. This five-minute survey gauges where a company falls on the transportation management maturity model in the core areas of Network Optimization and Routing, Carrier Management, Network Operations, People and Strategy, and Technology. Upon completion, it provides custom feedback with practical next steps on how to advance performance and reduce cost.

With an average transportation spend of $10M-$24M, respondents ranked the driver shortage as having the most impact to transportation over the next five years, followed by buyer delivery expectations. These small to medium-sized companies also ranked transportation costs as the area in which they need the most improvement, followed by visibility. 

The survey uncovered an opportunity: the need for organizations to mature their Network Optimization and Routing relative to planning processes. This may be due to a heavy focus on transportation execution in today's chaotic market.

Network Optimization Survey Results

Process planning in transportation management is critical to initial and sustained success. "Quality at the source" or "getting it right the first time," and some proactive work up front can save you significant time and money down the road (pun intended).

In addition, the survey indicated that small and medium-sized shippers are not leveraging control-tower technology often embraced by larger shippers. 

Tech Survey Results

The control tower concept can easily be leveraged by small and medium-sized shippers with the right strategy and partner.

If you’re interested in the transportation maturity model, control tower concept, or the results from the survey, you can watch the webinar on demand or contact us.

You can also still take the assessment to see your company's own results.

As always, our doors are open for small and medium-sized shippers to see how you can leverage control tower principles and best in class processes -- regardless of your shipping volumes.

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