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A wise person once said: "re-structuring organizational charts may be the disease rather than the cure."

Yet many organizations continue doing so, often not producing a better result. Which begs the question: are they restructuring org charts in any substantive way to drive improvement, or are they simply moving the deck chairs?

What’s interesting is that many organizational structures are focused inward as opposed to outward on the customer. They structure based on a need to manage strategy, people, process, technology, and finances.

But the customer is not interested in these things. The customer is interested in receiving the perfect order, as described by the ten rights: getting 1) the right products, 2) to the right customers, 3) in the right quantities, 4) in the right quality, 5) at the right times, 6) from the right sources, 7) at the right prices, 8) at the right total cost, 9) with the right services, 10) all within the right amount of required complexity (effort) across the extended value stream.

I often wonder, what would happen if organizations structured around the perfect order? What if organizations had a CEO of Perfect Order and 10 VP's, all focused on one "right" across the extended value stream?

Or, what if they simply talked about what good could come from this structure and built their processes around it?

Food for thought.


Posted by Robert Martichenko

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Robert is CEO of LeanCor Supply Chain Group. He is also a speaker and award-winning author of several business books - including "Discovering Hidden Profit" and his first novel - "Drift and Hum." Robert has spent over 25 years learning and implementing lean and operational excellence with a focus on end-to-end supply chain management across a wide array of industries. He holds a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and an MBA.

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