Lean and the Adjacent Thinker

My undergraduate degree is in mathematics. Not just mathematics, but pure mathematics. This means that I learned the actual theorems for equations that engineering students and applied mathematicians get to utilize. The fact that I have a degree in pure mathematics may sound impressive, but don't hold me in too high esteem too quickly as I'm not sure I purposely chose the major. With the past being a bit hazy, something tells me I did not get accepted into engineering school. Apparently, there are always seats available in pure mathematics. Don't feel too sorry for me though, as I do now have a passion for numbers and how they work. So, it all worked out as lean and numbers have a close relationship.

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Lean is Systems Thinking

Several years ago, I walked by my oldest daughter’s bedroom and noticed her writing feverishly at her desk. Considering she was no more than seven at the time, my curiosity was peaked and I stuck my head in.

“What ya doing, honey?”

“Hey, Dad. I’m writing the governors of Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho to tell them not to hurt the wolves.”

This was enough for me to stop and get some details.

The story of the wolf – particularly in Yellowstone Park – is a narrative, in and of itself, around the challenges of solving complicated problems.

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Lessons in Lean : Lessons in Leadership - The Blog

There is no question that building an organizational culture of continuous improvement is a progressive evolution that takes time. In this blog, Robert Martichenko discusses his lessons learned while building these cultures in our new world of constant disruption - sharing key knowledge that will lead today’s business leaders down the path toward discovering hidden profit. 

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