"How Robert Martichenko Leads With Respect"


I was recently interviewed by David Drickhamer on his Crossover Wisdom blog. David is an independent leadership and management writer, editor, researcher and journalist. For the past ten-plus years, he has helped business leaders and companies tell powerful stories.

We talked about how my creative side and professional life have come together, and how problem solving builds respect:

"Now I’m all in. I’ve decided that I can bring more joy to myself, and maybe help others, if I give people my whole being. Robert the lean guy, Robert the supply chain guy, Robert the thinker. The risk of offending a customer is very low. For my own happiness and to give back to people I just need to be who I am."

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Robert is CEO of LeanCor Supply Chain Group. He is also a speaker and award-winning author of several business books - including "Discovering Hidden Profit" and his first novel - "Drift and Hum." Robert has spent over 25 years learning and implementing lean and operational excellence with a focus on end-to-end supply chain management across a wide array of industries. He holds a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and an MBA.

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