How Do Lean and Six Sigma Work Together?

Six Sigma.jpgLean and six sigma are industry-recognized philosophies for business improvement.  When applied to supply chain, they can drive impactful results. While six sigma is highly process-focused, supply chain is focused on the entire value stream, from process to process. This can present challenges in applying six sigma in a supply chain environment.  Lean six sigma combines both lean and six sigma methodologies together, in order to eliminate waste and improve upon processes. This can be done through reducing waste caused by transportation, inventory, motion, waiting, overproduction and over-processing, as well as minimizing defects in manufactured products.

How do the two methodologies differ?

Lean and six sigma has many times been described as two different things – lean being focused on waste and six sigma being focused on quality.  Lean sees waste as anything that does not add value, whereas six sigma views waste as a process variation. Lean does not quantitate the quality of a process as six sigma does by using the symbol sigma/σ to designate the variation of the process output.  

How do lean and six sigma work together?

In theory, lean and six sigma seem counterintuitive, but they do work together. This is because they both can make positive financial improvements to an organization through return on investment.

The 'sweet spot' for lean and six sigma is to use them together as one method to achieve operational excellence. With a focus on process, people, and purpose, lean six sigma can help us achieve a value stream that delivers the highest value to the customer and the lowest possible cost and highest quality. It provides the competitive advantage and differentiation that so many companies require.

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