Your Lean Supply Chain is a 3-Day Course Away

Faced with long lead times and high logistics costs?

Looking to reduce waste and increase your profitability?

The Lean Supply Chain Practitioner Course At Laurier Executive Development Centre

Laurier Executive Development Centre and LeanCor have partnered to bring you a three-day certificate course of hands-on, interactive learning, teaching you how to extend lean beyond the four walls of your facility.

Walk away with the tools necessary to create and lead your organization's supply chain vision and execution for your workplace. Students receive a Laurier Executive Development Centre certificate showing advanced knowledge in the application of lean principles to the supply chain.

Upon completion of the seminar, students will implement significant Return on Investment (ROI) projects, show significant service level improvements to customers, and have a solid, sustainable communication environment created to improve everyday customer interaction.

Who Should Attend

This seminar will be of most benefit to managers and executives who want to learn lean tools and techniques to reduce costs and lead times, as well as drive customer satisfaction and profitability.

Course Take-Aways

  • Learn lean fundamentals and tools needed to understand and analyze the current state of your supply chain and logistics network operations
  • Apply lean theories, principles, and tools to develop the future state of your supply chain and logistics network operations
  • Understand how to lead "kaizen" lean projects or events in your organization
  • Utilize problemsolving and project management tools for today's global logistics challenges
  • Walk away with a defined continuous improvement project for your workplace Identify the impact of strategic decisions from a total cost point of view and ROI basis

Learn More and Register

<-- Download The Program Brochure.

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