The Secret to Effective Time Management

Leader Standard Work

Time Management: Check Your Symptoms

  • Do you often feel rushed for time? Time Management.png
  • Do you find yourself over-committed?
  • Do you suffer from hyper-active meeting attendance?
  • Do you spend hours a day sifting through emails?
  • Do you feel powerless against time?
  • Are you drowning in a never-ending to-do list?
  • Are you a victim of someone else’s agenda?
  • Do you have difficulty prioritizing your work?
  • Do you commonly experience disbelief when others find time for improvement work?

Time Management: Diagnosis

If you can relate one or more of the symptoms above, you may be experiencing chronic time management disorder, also known as acute busy-leader syndrome. If left untreated, this serious condition is likely to hinder your ability to experience career success.

If you don't have your own plan, you're likely to be part of someone else's

Take control today with Leader Standard Work. To determine if leader standard is right for you, try it out – risk free! No prescription drug plan necessary. For the best results, check and readjust monthly.

Time Management: Treatment

Step 1: Record your work in 15-30 minute increments for 3 consecutive days

Step 2: Analyze your work by determining what work is routine, what is non-routine, what is value-add, what is business-value-add and what is non-value-add. To learn how to distinguish between the different types of work, watch this video:

Step 3: Develop a plan to eliminate the non-value-add work and transform your non-routine work into standard work. Then, create visual management that will serve as a reminder and indicator to stick to your leader standard work. Helpful tip: Making your standard work visible to others will help hold you accountable!

For more on using Leader Standard Work to effectively manage your time, watch this video:

Time Management Side Effects:

Side effects may include: a brighter outlook, a sense of control, lowered stress levels, the ability to decline non-value add meetings, task prioritization, less firefighting and more continuous improvement work.

Time Management Warning:

Effects may be contagious. Do not use leader standard work if you do not intend check and readjust your plan on a continual basis.

Learn More:

To learn more about leader standard work and other important tactics used by lean leaders to overcome time management barriers, check out LeanCor’s Certified Online Lean Leadership Course at:

Or, take advantage of a complimentary 1 hour course on Creating Effective Lean Measurement Systems:

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