The Lean Leader's Presentation Checklist

As lean leaders, we often find ourselves in presentation-mode to team members, fellow leaders, and customers. Whether it's a customer report-out or an internal briefing, LeanCor's Lean Deployment team has developed a useful checklist to ensure presentations are engaging, understood, and effective.


  • How clear is the "so what," (a.k.a the take-away's, lessons learned, etc.)?
  • How well are the deliverables satisfied?
  • How well does the content address the purpose of the work/deliverables?
  • How well does the content help you to understand the "so what" and the next steps?
  • How effective were the handouts/supplementary data? How appropriate was the level of detail?


  • How easy is the layout to follow, (smooth transitions)? Does the supporting document flow lend itself to effective presentation flow?
  • How effective are the visuals (charts, graphs, images) at conveying the key points of the content?
  • How effective/professional/consistent are the general aesthetics of the presentation (colors, fonts, lines, etc.)?


  • How effectively did the presenter utilize detail appropriate for the audience?
  • How effectively did the presenter satisfy questions raised during the presentation?
  • How effectively were the “so what’s” and the key points conveyed effectively by the presenter?
  • How effective were the general communication skills of the presenter (language, attitude, demeanor, etc.)?

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