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LeanCor is a third party logistics (3PL) company. As a 3PL provider, LeanCor serves a broad base of manufacturers interested in upgrading their logistical methodologies toward successful outcomes. 3PL services guide such companies in reducing costs and increasing productivity. The goal of these initiatives is frequently referred to as the “Lean” objective.

The “Lean” designation derives from a “lean manufacturing” concept promoted by Toyota Production Systems at the turn of the 20th century. This term remains popular in describing productivity-affiliated plans.

Logistics applied by 3PL providers include supply chain waste management issues including inventory, transportation, warehousing, packing, freight forwarding and process complexity. Employee work time, supplier shipments and order workflow are among the component functions chosen for streamlining through 3PL advice and oversight. An overall objective of 3PL companies is to provide assistance in overcoming obstacles to clients’ self-determined goals.

LeanCor stands out from the traditional 3PL model. In addition to logistical support and intensive consulting, LeanCor offers multilevel education and training in supply chain understanding and skills. Supply chain education for employees and managers assists clients in identifying and clarifying the scope of their business objectives.

As described by client company Carl Zeiss Vision, LeanCor’s services created a “continuous improvement culture” at the company. Education and training programs comprising LeanCor’s far-reaching curriculum provide an informed foundation for decision making in the manufacturing arena.

The farsighted perspective of LeanCor’s course offerings is tailored to result not only in process-oriented improvements, but also in analysis, development and fulfillment of long-term and broad-based company goals and objectives. LeanCor’s supply chain education program supplies depth and breadth to manufacturers’ development initiatives.

LeanCor currently has locations in the U.S., Canada and China. Many American manufacturers interact with Chinese suppliers and consumers. LeanCor’s client base therefore includes the Chinese market. Its training and education curriculum is being expanded to include information relevant to Asian supply base needs.

LeanCor’s Lean Supply Chain education platform addresses problem solving, leadership, training and warehousing. Supply Chain courses address specific issues pertinent to the fulfillment stream, such as product excellence, waste identification and reduction, network design, and collaboration methodologies.

Supply Chain EducationThe Lean Supply Chain education curriculum includes courses in Lean Six Sigma techniques. The Six Sigma approach was endorsed and applied by the Motorola and General Electric companies during the 20th century. Its skills base applies quality management and statistical methods towards the goal of reducing variability in manufacturing output. LeanCor offers Six Sigma courses involving manufacturing skills, coaching and leadership.

Course offerings are available on line as well as at company and college locations. Georgia Institute of Technology is the site of the Lean Supply Chain Professional Certificate Program.

LeanCor Academy was initiated in March 2013 with an online “Building the Lean Leader” course. The class includes instruction in lean principles, confronting resistance, creating appropriate systems of measurement, team building, and development of management systems. The course is offered online via instructor-led and self-paced modules.

LeanCor is a distinctive leader in incorporating supply chain education into its client service packages. In addressing multiple business issues through its growing roster of courses, LeanCor enables its clients to make informed decisions in a changing world economy.

The overall positive consequences of 3PL are maximized through the conceptual understandings and skills-based expertise provided by LeanCor’s innovative educational offerings.

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