Organization-Wide Lean Training: Big Effort for Big Results

As a lean training service provider, we are often approached by clients with common scenarios such as:

  • Significant pressures on cost and margin exist
  • Customers are no longer accepting traditional value propositions
  • Competitors are becoming more aggressive and price focused
  • It is time for a cultural transformation
  • A cultural shift needs to impact cost structures as well as generate incremental revenues

And as practitioners and operators ourselves, we can testify to organization-wide lean training, or lean transformation, as a solution. However, to truly achieve a cultural impact with lasting results is no small task. It requires a committed, streamlined approach with the resources and expertise necessary to engage in project coaching, hands-on teaching, concept application, project status tracking, and of course, measurement. An approach of this magnitude involves:

  • Supporting daily problem solving and culture change
  • Interacting with the work environment while onsite
  • Utilizing kaizen events, workshops, and on-the-floor engagement (based on problems identified) as tools to accomplish overall vision
  • Aligning projects and tools to the level of rigor necessary
  • Developing team members through project specific needs
  • Developing overall project tracking and measurement system (including customer satisfaction)
  • Developing rigorous cadence of project follow up
  • Developing office visuals and measurement system to communicate problem identification, ownership and status
  • Utilizing lean six sigma courses to develop and mature select problem solvers to engage in more complex problem solving
  • Encouraging collaborative problem solving
  • Articulating and communicating core OPEX leadership principles to drive leadership accountability

Start with Purpose

When you decide to embark on organization-wide lean training, you need to begin with purpose. Why are you doing this? For example:

  • Identify functional and systematic areas for $25M in sustained internal cost reduction
  • Accountability for the transformational activities to ensure $25M in sustainable cost improvements
  • Lean thinking is integrated into management system through people development and applied learning
  • Revenue growth is achieved by company through new levels of customer satisfaction
  • Customer satisfaction and collaboration

Consider Your Return on Investment

With sufficient project coaching and measurement systems to ensure that team members are completing value-add projects, lean training can result in real savings.

lean training

In addition, organizations receive:

  • Elimination of non-value added activities (waste)
  • Better collaboration across functions
  • Problem solving, problem identification and elimination at root cause
  • System thinking/total cost - reduced total cost through systems thinking

About LeanCor Training and Education

LeanCor Training and Education is the recognized thought leader in lean supply chain principles and operational practices. Organizations of all sizes rely on LeanCor Training and Education to develop organizational skills and build people capability, instilling a lean problem solving culture. Curriculum focuses on Problem Solving, Lean Supply Chain, Lean Six Sigma, and Lean Leadership. LeanCor focuses on transferring knowledge that facilitates immediate implementation of lean principles, yielding real results in the supply chain. These results include improved revenues, reduced logistics and supply chain costs, leading to higher operating margins for the organization.


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LeanCor Supply Chain Group is a trusted supply chain partner that specializes in lean principles to deliver operational improvement. LeanCor’s three integrated divisions – LeanCor Training and Education, LeanCor Consulting, and LeanCor Logistics – help organizations eliminate waste, drive down costs, and build a culture of continuous improvement.

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