A Lesson From LeanCor’s Online Lean Training: 3 Focus Areas for Lean Leadership

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Being a lean leader is an inherently rewarding job. You don’t need to wait for a quarterly report or annual performance review to know that you’re making a difference. Improvements happen all the time, and everyone you work with can see and feel them. The following is a list of lean leadership best practices from LeanCor's online lean training, "Lean Leadership: Building the Lean Culture."

This list can also be used as a personal assessment or checklist. As a leader, are you exhibiting these practices?


Know and embrace lean leadership vs. traditional leadership:

Give the credit for good work away to the people doing the work.

Be tough on the process, talk to people about their work.

Make decisions based on facts observed where the work is being done.

Be humble but competent, fair but expect progress.

Never be satisfied with the current state.

Learn from mistakes.

Develop people for long term lasting success.

Acknowledge and manage personal weakness.

Ask good questions, be a straight shooter.

Know when to listen and when to talk.

Develop people, yet know when to leave.


Lead with purpose and principles:

Know and communicate the purpose of the business.

Show your support of the purpose.

Know and communicate the operational principles of the business.

Show that you support the operational principles.

Know who you need to support to live your principles.

Know who your customer is and be responsible to align people to support them.

Chase improvement and not the numbers.

Understand and address your fears and the fears of others.

Know and communicate where people need to start.

Embrace the true reality of the current state- as bad as it may be.

Listen and act upon what the facts and the team are telling you.


Lead the vision with focus, alignment, and constancy of purpose:

Start with the perceived need but understand customer expectations.

Know the difference between need and want.

Ensure a common direction and common message - address inconsistencies in real time.

Create the vision and show the short and long term tollgates.

Simplify and cascade vision to strategy to tactics - communicate via the value stream map and the A3.

Show people how their work is important to the purpose of the business.

Manage execution of focus and alignment in real time- address disconnects straight on.

Know what is important and constantly make it visual.

Show people how to execute the steps toward the vision and importance of PDCA.

Know when others are tampering with the business - follow leader standard work first.


Advance your career with LeanCor Academy’s online lean training course, Lean Leadership: Building the Lean Culture.

This interactive professional development course enables all leaders to:
  • Leverage lean principles to become a more effective leader, manage people, and drive operational excellence.
  • Improve value stream processes that impact the organization.
  • Learn how to create action-driven measurement systems and build successful teams.

This self-paced, online professional development program allows you to decide when and where to learn. Instead of focusing just on theory, this online lean training course will dive deeper into the actual application of the material being presented. It’s based on our years of collective operational experience leading teams and implementing lean supply chains. You’ll be able to use what you’ve learned and see the results first-hand. This is not your typical read-the-screen and take-the-test type of training. Instead of posting hours of reading material online and calling it online training, we’ve invested in creating dynamic videos, interactive exercises and challenging knowledge assessments to keep students engaged and connected to the learning process. Because this book is based on the Shingo Award winning book, PEOPLE: A Leader’s Day-to-day Guide To Building, Managing, And Sustaining Lean Organizations, the curriculum has been proven to help leaders build effective leadership skills to lead lean organizations. Plus, it has been tested in hundreds of live classroom sessions over the years in multiple environments – from university classrooms to the conference rooms of Fortune 500 companies.

Start your online lean training today!

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