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Online Lean Training and Dealing with Resistance

“If anything is certain, it is that change is certain. The world we are planning for today will not exist in this form tomorrow. “– Phillip Crosby

Online lean training is a low investment, yet high impact way to benefit your organization. As with other lean training, leveraging online lean training will help your team members boost their knowledge and add cross-functional value.

Encountering Resistance

If implemented properly and prioritized by leadership, online lean training can bring actionable culture change to the organization. But as with any culture change, you will likely encounter resistance. Humans no longer need to hunt and gather to eat, but we still have survival mechanisms, and so sometimes we feel threatened when others are trying to change our environment.

“In order to combat resistance, it’s important for a leader to start by getting to the root of the resistance, says Julia Kirby, Online Training Manager at LeanCor. “Is it fear of change, fear of losing their job, a personal negative impact, loss of control, distrust, a dip in performance metrics, a lack of understanding? Once the reason has been identified, it’s easier to determine how to confront it.”Online Lean Training

Additionally, team members will likely have to spend time during their day outside of regular work activities to individually complete the online lean training. This could be a burden on both employees and managers who have other expectations of time management. Organizations must move forward despite resistance, and confronting opposition is a painful necessity:

  • Attempt to head off resistance by anticipating probably reactions to change.
  • Try to see the change from another’s point of view.
  • Plan or seed early wins in the program. Nothing speaks better than success.
  • Beware if no resistance wins in the program; it may be lying just under the surface
  • Use communication methods to allow people to raise concerns.

Are They Willing to Learn?

If people are not willing to learn, no one can help them. If they are determined to learn, no one can stop them. Once they get started with the online lean training, team members will begin to recognize that anytime they interact with people up-stream or down-stream, there is an opportunity to learn. This is a major paradigm shift for an organization that paves the way toward becoming a true lean enterprise.

Reward Those Who Have Made Improvements

In order to prove the return on investment in online lean training, team members should be applying what they have learned to improve the organization. To facilitate this activity, it helps to embrace the core activities of a lean organization:

  • Seeing problems.
  • Fixing/solving problems.
  • Learning.
  • Sharing and learning to continuously improve.

Make continuous improvement part of creating a high performance culture. To create a high performance culture you need a strategy. Create a vision, a mission and values and set objectives throughout the organization accordingly; providing routine feedback on how to improve. Develop the organization’s winning behaviors and critical skills; rewarding those who made improvements.

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