October Logistics Market Snapshot

We just received the October Logistics Market Snapshot from our friends at the Georgia Center of Innovation for Logistics. Below are some encouraging statistics from the report:


  • Transportation employment increased 2.4% year-over-year in September, adding 17,100 jobs from the previous month. This equals 15% of ALL jobs addedin the U.S., including:
    • 9,200 jobs in ground transportation sectors; 4,300 jobs in warehousing and storage sectors; 1,400 jobs in total rail transportation
  • The unemployment rate in America fell to 7.8% in September 2012 the lowest rate since 2009, despite only adding 114,000 net new jobs,
  • The International Longshoremen’s Association and United States Maritime Alliance negotiations continue this week and are “making substantial progress on a wide range of tough issues” according to the federal mediators assisting with the talks.


  • In the last six months, U.S. online retail sales rose 16.1% to $194.3 billion, accounting for about 4.6% of total sales.
  • Retail sales grew in September to $412.9 billion, up 1.1% from the previous month, and up 5.4% above September 2011.
  • Total combined sales and manufacturing shipments totaled $1.25 Trillion in August 2012, up 0.5% from July and up 3.1% from the previous year.
  • August 2012 business inventory on hand were $1.61 Trillion, up 0.6% from July and up 5.3% from August 2011.
  • The Consumer Confidence Index increased to 70.3 in September, its highest level since 2007. (Great news for retailers going into the holiday shopping season!)

…Visit www.georgialogistics.com to read the rest of the report and sign up for updates.

About the Georgia Center of Innovation for Logistics

The Center of Innovation for Logistics is the leading statewide resource for fueling logistics industry growth and global competitiveness. The Center directly helps companies to overcome challenges and capitalize on opportunities related to the movement of freight. We provide focused expertise, specific industry data, connections to state resources, and an extensive cross-sector industry network. The Center is an industry focused component of the Georgia Department of Economic Development (GDEcD) and has main offices in Savannah and Atlanta, but has activity in all parts of the State. The Center represents all segments of the logistics industry and provides a unique platform for companies to network, address industry issues and share knowledge. Simply put, the Center is a catalyst to help logistics-enabled businesses connect, compete and grow.

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