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is offering a unique hands-on GEMBA-based workshop for supply chain and distribution professionals.

The lean journey generally begins inside the four walls of the manufacturing facility, however eventually it extends to the supply base and our customers. As we begin focusing on waste elimination, inventory reduction and flow, we quickly realize that engagement by the "extended enterprise" is required to complete the lean journey.

Modeled after the LEI workbook Building a Lean Fulfillment Stream, this workshop teaches how to apply lean to the supply chain and logistics function.

This workshop is part of the overall LEI effort to support organizations and individuals interested in identifying and removing waste along the entire value stream: from raw materials to end customer.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the critical elements of the building the Lean Fulfillment Stream
  • Value-Stream Map the extended enterprise
  • Calculate "total cost of ownership" for the entire supply chain
  • Uncover areas of waste to reduce lead time and inventory levels
  • Develop customer and supplier measurement systems and accountability processes
  • Break down cross functional barriers for effective supply stream collaboration
  • Implement pull systems to drive material replenishment
  • Implement the concepts of increased delivery frequency, lot size reduction, and leveled flow
  • Implement lean tools to establish supply chain visibility
  • Create an optimized logistics network and implementation roadmap


By applying the concepts and principles learned in this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Improve supplier performance and accountability
  • Improve customer satisfaction and customer relationships
  • Drive lean supply-stream management and lean logistics through your organization
  • Reduce the total cost of ownership through the reduction of inventory, space, lead time, logistics costs, and increased fill rates.

The workshop is being conducted at the LeanCor Supply Chain Group Operations Center located in Florence, KY, to enable participants to "go see" lean principles and best practices applied to logistics engineering and transportation management processes.

It will reinforce concepts learned in class by demonstrating visual management, pull vs. push, standard work, PDCA, problem solving tools, quality at the source, and continuous improvement. Additionally, the Center will instill an understanding of the "see as a group, know as a group, act as a group" mentality by displaying real time data reporting and KPI metrics.

For more information on the workshop content, dates, registration, discounts, and other details, please see below.


A 12.5% discount is offered to those attendees who will choose to register for both classes.

You also get a 12.5% discount for registering 2 or more attendees from the same organization.

A 12.5% 'early bird' discount is available through December 16th, 2011. It can be combined with either of the other 2 discounts.

Workshop Details

New! Building the Lean Fulfillment Stream: Gemba-Based Workshop

Instructor(s): Robert Martichenko

Date(s): 01/17/12 - 01/18/12

Length: 2 Days

Price: $1400 through Dec 16, 2011; $1600 beginning 12:01 AM EST Dec 17, 2011

Workshop Location: LeanCor Supply Chain Group
Recommended Hotel: SpringHill Suites Cincinnati Airport South
Discounted Room Rate: $92.00 USD
Room Rate Expires: 1/22/12

Prices include all participant materials, breakfast, lunch and snacks each day.

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