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Respect and Leadership - You Can’t Have One Without The Other

Respect and leadership go hand in hand. You can’t have one without the other. Leadership training teaches how important it is to know how to gain respect and to maintain morale with good leadership skills.

What makes a great leader? Do you know how to show people the respect they deserve? The first and most important part of leadership training is to show others respect and to gain respect. Humanistic philosophy shows that the personal relationships give meaning to life. Therefore, a humanistic leader would view each person’s life as important.

Here are three tips to improve your leadership skills by respecting your team members.

Creating a Safe Environment for Learning, Both Physical and Emotional

Leadership TrainingEverybody understands why having a safe environment is important for physical health. But lean cultures also value a safe environment for making mistakes, identifying problems, and proposing ideas and solutions.

Here’s an example of a leader fostering fear and a leader fostering a safe emotional environment by how they verbally respond to a production cell that has fallen short of making its assigned number of widgets in a shift:

Fostering Fear: “You only made 25 pieces! Why didn’t you make the 30 pieces that you were supposed to?”

Fostering Safety: “We were supposed to do 30, and we only did 20. What problems did you have, and how can I help?”

Leadership training will teach lean leaders how to be cognizant to the tone of voice and attitude in addition to the words that you use. You are there to help, not to blame.

Lead by Example

Leading by example is key in leadership training. We have all been taught the phrase “lead by example.”Many organizations have one core problem - they do not lead by example. So many people think that leading is simply giving out orders. But real leadership is by example. A great leader will work harder, longer, and care more than everyone else.

Think about every small thing you do. Will people admire your actions? If you are not admired or respected, your leadership will be weak and performance will suffer. All great leaders convey goals and they do it with respect for those around them. Leaders that show respect will gain much more loyalty and performance from employees.

Showing Faith to Your Team

You need to constantly show confidence and faith that if you work as a team, you will be able to achieve great things. In leadership training you will learn to challenge your team to pursue perfection. We see mediocre performance in many workplaces where leaders are perplexed about how to elevate performance. When we see this, we ask, “what are you doing to challenge your team to be world class?” Or “Are you setting the same standard year after year?”

All leaders should be challenging their teams to pursue perfection because this is what leadership is about – leading people to a place they haven’t been. We should be challenging performance to zero defects, to 100 percent on-time delivery, and other stretch goals. This is what forces people to think, learn and grow. Apply the concept of pull here. By setting the highest-possible goal, you are pulling elevated performance through the organization.

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