GO and SEE the Lean Supply Chain Gemba-Based Workshop June 25-26

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Are offering a unique, hands-on GEMBA-based workshop for Supply Chain and Distribution Professionals.

This workshop is part of the overall LEI effort to support organizations and individuals interested in identifying and removing waste along the entire value stream: from raw materials to end customer.

"The workshop lived the spirit of "go and see" and "learn by doing." It was one of my favorite workshops so far with LEI because we got to learn in the classroom and then "go and see" in the warehouse and supply chain/operations center. This was a very valuable Lean experience for me" - Andrew Koenig, Operations

"I was able to gain valuable insights not only via the workshop but on the gemba as well. Good balance of theory/presentation with examples in practice." - Bryan Boone, Value Stream and Supply Chain CI

Building on the concepts explored in the LEI books Seeing the Whole Value Stream by Jim Womack and Dan Jones, and Building a Lean Fulfillment Stream by Robert Martichenko and Kevin von Grabe, this workshop provides attendees with methods for understanding and improving the value-creating process that suppliers share with customers.


Lean is commonly misunderstood as a manufacturing application without much regard to supply chain and logistics. A lean organization is focused on adding value to the customer, problem solving, continuous improvement, and learning- characteristics necessary for all business functions. Thus, connecting lean to the entire supply chain network is required in a complete lean enterprise.

Modeled after the Shingo- award winning workbook Building a Lean Fulfillment Stream, this dynamic and highly interactive workshop teaches how to apply lean to the supply chain and logistics function.

The workshop highlights the critical elements and "must know" concepts, and provide of Lean as they apply to the supply chain and logistics, and provides you with the tools necessary to solve problems, eliminate waste, decrease inventory and lead time, improve processes and create level flow, and ultimately decrease the total cost of fulfillment.

GO and SEE the Lean Supply Chain - GEMBA-Time:

The workshop will be conducted at the LeanCor Supply Chain Group Operational Center located in Florence, KY, to enable participants to "go see" lean principles and best practices applied to logistics engineering and transportation management processes:

  • LeanCor Operations Center: View lean operations being used in inbound logistics engineering, transportation management, and material materials management. See firsthand how lean principles and best practices are applied to the logistics and supply chain processes.


  • LeanCor Lean Fulfillment Center: View a lean warehouse in operation. Warehousing is often plagued with processes that are abundant in waste - from material receiving to pick and pack to shipping operations. Flow of inventory, disciplined processes, and visual management are cornerstones of effective warehousing operations. See firsthand how lean principles reduce waste in warehousing operations.

Key Concepts- Total Cost of Fulfillment and Customer Collaboration:

Is anyone in your organization trying to calculate and minimize total cost of fulfillment for the entire supply chain? The answer is likely “no.” Embracing the total cost of fulfillment changes the way managers think, with major benefits for all the firms along the supply chain. Once managers adopt the goal of minimizing the total cost of fulfillment, collaboration across functions and firms becomes an obvious necessity. This goal requires a joint examination of the entire supply chain to determine total costs as the chain currently functions. And it requires a joint effort to envision a better supply chain that can benefit all of the firms involved.

Use the Building a Lean Supply Chain workshop to discover how lean creates a platform for providing maximum value to yourcustomer, and how your organization can gain a competitive edge in today’s ever evolving workforce.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the critical elements of the building the Lean Fulfillment Stream
  • Value-Stream Map the extended enterprise
  • Calculate "total cost of fulfillment" for the entire supply chain
  • Uncover areas of waste to reduce lead time and inventory levels
  • Develop customer and supplier measurement systems and accountability processes
  • Break down cross functional barriers for effective supply stream collaboration
  • Implement pull systems to drive material replenishment
  • Implement the concepts of increased delivery frequency, lot size reduction, and leveled flow
  • Implement lean tools to establish supply chain visibility
  • Create an optimized logistics network and implementation roadmap


By applying the concepts and principles learned in this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Improve supplier performance and accountability
  • Improve customer satisfaction and customer relationships
  • Drive lean supply-stream management and lean logistics through your organization
  • Reduce the total cost of fulfillment through the reduction of inventory, space, lead time, logistics costs, and increased fill rates.
"The program has turned me into a systems thinker. Going forward, I will ask the question, “what’s the total cost of my decision-making.” -Valerie Arnold, Supply Chain Manager at Bayne Premium Lift Systems"While I have learned many keys of strategic and long-term relationships with suppliers and customers in concept, I have not seen a better course to demonstrate the need to build these relationships by actually walking the walk and not just talking the talk." - Jim Zupanic, Global Lean Leader at DE-STA-CO“I visited LeanCor HQ and could see how close they were to the customer, tracking current shipping. The discipline of working together at a consistent pace was visible. Talking to one of the IT guys about how the IT system constantly gets tweaked to be better was great, obviously they were designed to change. Listening to a couple of employees walk us through a case study was enlightening. I'd recommend this course highly.”- Karen Wilhelm, Association for Manufacturing Excellence (AME)

Course Outline:Through instruction, discussion, small group activities, case study work, and interactive games, topics in this workshop will include:Part 1: Mapping Your Fulfillment Stream – Lean Fulfillment Stream Guiding PrinciplesPart 2: Planning The Move To The Future State - Lean Fulfillment StreamPart 3: Implementing Lean In Your Fulfillment Stream

  • Step 1: Customer Management
  • Step 2: Outbound Logistics
  • Step 3: Shipping, Receiving and Trailer-Yard Management
  • Step 4: Material and Parts Ordering
  • Step 5: Inbound Logistics
  • Step 6: Supplier Management

Part 4: Sustaining and Improving the Lean Supply ChainWho Should Attend:

  • Lean Implementation Leaders, Logistics Managers, Supply Chain Managers, Material Managers, all senior management
  • Lean Manufacturers and suppliers to lean manufacturers
  • This workshop is specifically for the manufacturer who is ready to go outside the four walls of their plant and connect the plant to the supply base using Lean principles



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LeanCor2 LeanCor is a trusted supply chain partner that delivers operational improvement and measurable financial results. Unlike other third party logistics providers, LeanCor offers a unique combination of training and education, hands-on consulting, and outsourced logistics services. This integrated portfolio of services help organizations eliminate waste, drive down costs, and instill a problem-solving culture across their supply chain.Customers leverage this transformation to gain improved inventory visibility, logistics control, and process improvement while reducing lead time and operating costs.LeanCor was selected as SupplyChainBrain’s 2011 Great Supply Chain Partner.


You receive a 12.5% discount for registering for both this and the Lean Warehousing and Distribution Operations workshop.You also get a 12.5% discount for registering 2 or more attendees from the same organization.Enter promotional code "Martichenko" to receive $100 off each workshop day!
Recommended Hotels: We encourage you to make hotel arrangements early. Discounted hotel room rates as low as $69/night available.
  • Country Inn & Suites by Carlson
  • Hampton Inn Cincinnati Airport South
  • SpringHill Suites Cincinnati Airport South

    Cancelation Policy: Our workshops are designed to cater to a limited number of participants. If you must cancel a workshop registration, you will be given a full refund up to four weeks before the workshop. A cancelation occuring within four weeks of the workshop will be subjected to a $350 cancelation fee. Substitutions may be made at any time prior to the start of the workshop. To cancel a workshop registration, please call LEI at (617) 871-2900.

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