GO and SEE the Lean Supply Chain: GEMBA-Based Workshop

March 21-22, 2013 | Florence, KY

Keeping with the true spirit of PDCA, we have improved this workshop to include additional gemba time - both in the Operations Center and now at a Lean Fulfillment Center warehouse!

Modeled after the Shingo- award winning workbook Building a Lean Fulfillment Stream, this dynamic and highly interactive workshop teaches how to apply lean to the supply chain and logistics function.Large_BLFS_cover_final

The workshop highlights the critical elements and "must know" concepts of lean as they apply to the supply chain and logistics, and provides you with the tools necessary to solve problems, eliminate waste, decrease inventory and lead time, improve processes and create level flow, and ultimately decrease the total cost of fulfillment.

The workshop is conducted both at the LeanCor Supply Chain Group Operations Center and Lean Fulfillment Center to combine classroom learning with practical experience in the field:

LeanCor Operations Center:

View lean operations being used in inbound logistics engineering as well as transportation, material and supplier management. See first-hand how lean principles and best practices are applied to the logistics and supply chain processes.


NEW- LeanCor Lean Fulfillment Center (LFC):

View a lean warehouse in operation. See first-hand how lean principles such as flow of inventory, disciplined processes, and visual management reduce waste in warehousing operations.

Panoramic LFC for CC

Meet Your Instructor: Robert Martichenko


Key Concepts- Total Cost of Fulfillment and Customer Collaboration:

Is anyone in your organization trying to calculate and minimize total cost of fulfillment for the entire supply chain? The answer is likely "no." Embracing the total cost of fulfillment changes the way managers think, with major benefits for all the firms along the supply chain. Once managers adopt the goal of minimizing the total cost of fulfillment, collaboration across functions and firms becomes an obvious necessity.

This goal requires a joint examination of the entire supply chain to determine total costs as the chain currently functions. And it requires a joint effort to envision a better supply chain that can benefit all of the firms involved.

Use this workshop to discover how lean creates a platform for providing maximum value to your customer, and how your organization can gain a competitive edge in today's ever evolving workforce.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the critical elements of the Lean Supply Chain
  • Value-Stream Map the extended enterprise
  • Calculate "total cost of fulfillment" for the entire supply chain
  • Uncover areas of waste to reduce lead time and inventory levels
  • Develop customer and supplier measurement systems and accountability processes
  • Break down cross functional barriers for effective supply stream collaboration
  • Implement pull systems to drive material replenishment
  • Implement the concepts of increased delivery frequency, lot size reduction, and leveled flow
  • Implement lean tools to establish supply chain visibility
  • Create an optimized logistics network and implementation road map


  • Improve supplier performance and accountability
  • Improve customer satisfaction and customer relationships
  • Drive lean supply-stream management and lean logistics through your organization
  • Reduce the total cost of fulfillment through the reduction of inventory, space, lead time, logistics costs, and increased fill rates.


LeanCor Supply Chain Group

7660 Turfway Road, Suite 200

Florence, KY 41042

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