2020 Mid-Year Transportation Market Update: What to Know as a Shipper

In its 31st annual State of Logistics Report, the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) summed up the supply chain impact of COVID-19 in one statement: "The pandemic, and global measures taken to reduce its further spread, have decimated supply chains, scrambled logistics capabilities, and destroyed huge swaths of demand."

In Morgan Stanley’s recent freight transportation COVID-19 sentiment survey, 78% of respondents stated that COVID has a had a “medium” or “high” impact to their business.

With that said, what's been happening in transportation so far in 2020, and what can we expect going forward?

Here's our take on some transportation market trends we're seeing from our Logistics Control Center.

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LeanCor Wins SDCE100 Award for Transformative Supply Chain Consulting Project

LeanCor has been named to Supply and Demand Chain Executive's SDCE100 Award list for a successful warehouse design collaboration that developed a new greenfield facility with automotive products company BG Products Inc.

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3 Critical Supply Chain Risk Questions Your Organization Should Be Asking

Supply chain risk comes in many forms. Now more than ever, it's critical for organizations to identify and reduce these risk factors, while maturing their ability to react to changing dynamics. This flexibility requires visibility, capability and resilience.

In these turbulent times, many are starting to plan ways to identify and eliminate areas where their supply chains are vulnerable.  This includes performing supply chain risk assessments as a first step. These assessments analyze your maturity level across people, processes, technology, and partners with self-assessment exercises, and provide you with a road map to achieve your desired, risk-reduced future state.

Organizations everywhere should start by asking three critical questions about their supply chains:

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The Cincinnati Enquirer Names LeanCor Supply Chain Group a Top 2020 Workplace

FLORENCE, KY (June 8, 2020) - LeanCor Supply Chain Group, a provider of third-party logistics, supply chain consulting, and training services, has been awarded a Top Workplaces 2020 honor by the Cincinnati Enquirer. 

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LeanCor Named a Top 10 Warehouse Management Consulting Company

As a supply chain consulting provider, LeanCor has made Logistics Tech Outlook's  list of "Top 10 Warehouse Management Consulting Companies."

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Supply Chain Recovery Series: "What Waste Exists in My Supply Chain?"

In our last post in this series, we discussed the importance of having guiding principles for a supply chain. Now, we'll explore the second question:

What wastes lay hidden in areas such as: inventory, transportation, space and facilities, time, packaging, administration and knowledge within my supply chain?

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What Goes Into a Warehouse Design? WERC Webinar Recap

With the reality of current events, many organizations are finding themselves deciding to relocate, improve upon, or completely re-design warehouse spaces in order to meet changing business conditions.  Some businesses are looking to eliminate waste as sales volume reduces, while at the same time retaining current staff. While others are seeing exponential growth and are looking to increase volume, without adding headcount, to improve margins.

Sometimes you’ve got to go "new." That is what Witchita-based BG Products determined when management recognized that the existing operation could not accommodate aggressive future growth projections. To address their multiple material flow and space issues, the company opted to build a new DC based on lean design principles.

In the webinar "Applying Lean Principles to a New DC Design" (in partnership with the Warehouse Education and Research Council - WERC), LeanCor's Brent Cable and Derek Browning explored how the LeanCor Consulting team developed BG Products’ new greenfield facility.  

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Beyond the Dock: How FLEXcon is Pursuing Logistics as a Competitive Advantage

Headquartered in Spencer, Mass., FLEXcon is a global leader in coated and laminated films and adhesives used in graphics applications, manufactured goods and new products. Customer and relationship-driven from the core of its business, FLEXcon has always valued product innovation and continuous improvement in order to provide customers with a competitive advantage.

When its leadership team recognized an opportunity to better serve customers from a delivery and efficiency standpoint, they knew they needed a logistics service provider that went beyond just moving products once they got to the dock.

They needed a strategic partner that would improve how products actually arrived at the dock and were loaded onto a truck.

FLEXcon partnered with LeanCor Supply Chain Group in order to think through its entire supply chain, ensuring its upstream processes that lead into the shipping department could support delivering better customer service. 

LeanCor's VP of Supply Chain Solutions, Derek Browning, sat down with FLEXcon's Chief Financial Officer, Aimee Peacock, to explore FLEXcon's journey to building a best-in-class logistics system to deliver higher value to its customers.

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Supply Chain Recovery Series: Guiding Principles for a Resilient Supply Chain

Since our first post in this series, we hope you've taken a few moments to reflect on your supply chain with the following questions:

  1. What are the guiding principles of my supply chain?
  2. What wastes lay hidden in areas such as: inventory, transportation, space and facilities, time, packaging, administration and knowledge within my supply chain?

Let’s begin by tackling question one for today: What are the guiding principles of your supply chain? 

First, have you or your team really defined the purpose of your supply chain?  When it was created, was it a matter of just piecing things together, as it progressed, or did you have a strategic plan on how it would fit together to deliver the products needed in the time required?  Unfortunately, many supply chains that we first encounter fit into the former scenario.  This approach is similar to building a car without fully understanding all of the pieces and systems that must fit together and work in harmony without first having a plan! 

Yet, many companies manage a complex supply chain that moves parts and stock keeping units (SKUs) over thousands of miles, through multiple borders and various modes of transportation, with little to no visibility or strategy.

Navigating through this complexity while keeping a "true north" requires a set of guiding principles for a resilient supply chain.

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SMART Supply Chain Revitalizing the Post-Pandemic Economy

Guest post by Glenn Marshall, Association for Manufacturing Excellence (AME)

While the United States remains a global leader in drug discovery, much of the manufacturing has moved offshore. China is known as the world’s factory for car parts, toys and electronics, but it also churns out much of the penicillin, antibiotics and pain medicines used across the globe, as well as surgical masks and medical devices.

Supporters of reducing reliance on China have used the coronavirus epidemic to highlight what they say is a longstanding vulnerability that could leave Americans dangerously short of medicines and medical supplies in the event of a war, trade conflict, or pandemic. Many believe we need to bring those manufacturing jobs back home so that we can protect the public health and the economic and national security of the country.

Now with the pandemic crisis, there is a wake-up call for the US to launch the re-purposing of its industrial base and skilled workforce to revitalize the economy and to return to the same manufacturing dominance we had achieved at the end of World War II. America needs a Marshall Plan-style initiative to resuscitate and restore the economy and society much like it did following WW II to help Europe revive their economy.

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