C-Suite Spotlight Series: What is Zero Based Budgeting and What Does It Mean For Your Supply Chain?

"In manufacturing, zero-based budgeting doesn't just look at materials, but it challenges all the services and functions that are performed by the company."

As the chief financial officer of Harris & Ford LLC, a major chemical distributor, Charles works to improve the firm’s global distribution and logistics services to leading Fortune 500 companies in the food, pharmaceutical and industrial sectors.

One business trend Charles often now sees is zero-based budgeting -- a method of budgeting in which all expenses must be justified for each new period. We interviewed Charles about zero-based budgeting and how it's affecting supply chain.

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C-Suite Spotlight Series: How to Get Better Results From Your Suppliers

"I have the pulse of my floor, do we have the pulse of our suppliers' floors? Are they moving the needle forward?"

As CFO for Bonfiglioli USA, a leader in global power transmission and control in Hebron, KY, Scott Guy is passionate about continuous improvement. Consistently recognized for analyzing complex business problems, Scott's everyday role requires making tough decisions while considering their long-term effects to the bottom line. 

One way Scott contributes to Bonfiglioli's growth and profitability is through its supplier base. We interviewed Scott on how he's formed partnerships with suppliers who share Bonfiglioli's core values, and ensures their development towards mutual success. 

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5 Things We Learned About the S&OP Process

As a 360 degree integration tool between all functional departments, sales and operations planning (S&OP) is the operational blue‐print of the organization for profitably matching supply and demand. It brings functional silos together to develop a cohesive set of plans to deliver maximum value to the customer at the lowest total cost.

While effective in theory, putting S&OP into practice can be challenging for many organizations. And although S&OP pertains mostly to manufacturing facilities and tangible products, it can have significant impacts to service industries as well.

In our webinar, "The New S&OP" we learned about proven, innovative techniques to implement an effective S&OP process and advance supply chains at multi-layer company environments.

Here are five things we learned about the new S&OP process...

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Why Do Long-Term Business Plans Conflict With Short-Term Results?

In a recent survey we sent to business leaders, 74% of respondents said they follow a long-term business vision but are tied to short term results. This is often due to the complexity of functional silos that can create internal inconsistencies and ultimately pass mistakes onto customers if left unmanaged.

In a recent webinar, we explored the business methodology that drives improvements in all parts of a business by focusing on supply chain-centric decision making, performance, and maturity. This includes the management systems that enable functional areas to align and collaborate to deliver measurable business results.

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