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"Countless SKUs, fickle consumers, and multi-channel distribution drive cosmetics companies to take on a supply chain makeover." - Inbound Logistics

LeanCor Sr. Vice President of Customer Solutions, Dan Avila, was quoted in Inbound Logistics'  May 2017 article on the cosmetic supply chain: "Cosmetic Supply Chain Puts Its Best Face Forward." In the article, Dan discusses how brand packaging can be a supply chain bottleneck for consumer products companies without a disciplined product development process.


"Packaging was the bottleneck several years ago when Dan Avila, senior vice president of customer solutions at Kentucky consulting firm LeanCor Supply Chain Group, worked on a project with an edgy cosmetics brand while at another firm. Targeting millennials with provocative product and shade names, the brand's unusual and complicated packaging was as much a part of the product as its pigments and textures. Repeated creative changes often meant that the packaging wasn't done in time to get products into retail store displays timed to special promotions.

'The company needed a disciplined product development process with tollgates that were completed steps; you didn't go through the tollgate until certain things were done,' Avila explains. 'Then, once the approved design was sent to the packaging manufacturer, there would be no more changes.' With this problem solved, a global cosmetics manufacturer later acquired the brand." 

To read the whole article, visit Inbound Logistics online.


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